Lenka Hlinková

Lenka Hlinková Ženský algoritmus   „Books, English, and technology. These are the three tools I have been using for my work daily for years. The American Center Košice has them set in a magical space, and under the leadership of skilled people, this combination acquires a very powerful dimension.For the second year in a row, we have been cooperating … Read More

Tomáš Filip

Tomáš Filip  LEAF, High School St. Edita Stein, Košice   „As a LEAF lecturer, I lead critical thinking workshops for the American Center in Košice, which are intended primarily, but not only for teachers. It is great that the American Center came up with the initiative for these workshops and I appreciate the opportunity to … Read More

Richard Petro

Richard Petro Cultural-creative center Kláštor, Rožňava   “I first came to the American Center in Košice as a student of British and American studies and I remember a lot of aha moments thanks to books about anglophone culture and language. I recall many discussions with the employees of the center that have influenced me a lot at that time. We are currently working with friends to establish an English Corner within our Cultural-creative center Kláštor in Rožňava.”

Martina Martausová

Martina Martausová Department of British and American Studies, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University   “I started visiting the American center in Košice when I was a doctoral student at the Department of British and American studies and took part in the discussion and movie clubs. I keep coming back to the center now with my students. Not only did we find space for student’s paper presentations, but also opportunities for informal discussions with the public on different topics connected to the American Studies program. … Read More

Petra Kotuliaková

Petra Kotuliaková Aj ty v IT   “American Spaces Slovakia are not only physical spaces where we can conduct our educational activities for girls and women. Our cooperation is mainly based on trust and mutual willingness to connect girls and technology, and to create conditions that further develop these connections. American spaces are definitely someone that works with us on the same wavelength.”

Peter Rusinák

Peter Rusinák The American Chamber of Commerce in SR   “Since 2021, the American Center in Banská Bystrica and the American Chamber of Commerce have coordinated a unique development program called Entrepreneurial Thinking.  We promote entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation with representatives of regional government and directors of secondary vocational schools. This project is in collaboration with our colleagues … Read More

Peter Ridilla

Martina Gajdošová Volunteer, Book Club Košice   “I started working with the American Center in Košice as a volunteer in 2019. I am running a Book Club, as books have always been my everyday companions. I’m glad that I can bring people closer to American writers and discuss their work. Every meeting is rewarding and … Read More

Frederika Copková

Frederika Copková Andrej Sládkovič High School, Banská Bystrica   “I visited the American Center for the first time as a high school student and since then I have been very happy to return there, as a teacher with my students. The center provided us with interactive lessons or an opportunity to see an interesting document from the comfort of beanbags (that’s why my students like to come here). In addition, the center gave us lectures on opportunities to study in the U.S. and arranged visits to our school from the U.S. Embassy. … Read More

John Edwin Skelton

John Edwin Skelton Volunteer, York, England   “The American Center in the Banská Bystrica State Library is a most useful facility. The comprehensive range of books, magazines, and information pamphlets is a superb resource that provides businesses, universities, schools and citizens with reading materials that cover all manners of topics. Thanks to the center, I was able to share my knowledge with students from all over the region and even start a discussion group. Just pop into the State Library and ‘enjoy’.”

Martin Kubuš

Martin Kubuš Department of British and American Studies, Matej Bel University Banská Bystrica   “As a teacher of translation studies and an organizer of the Translation Soiree which our department organizes twice a year, I find the American Center’s contribution vital and priceless. Besides the rich selection of books, the center provides our students with an opportunity to meet translators (who translate American literature) in the flesh, as it were. Our students may discuss particular works, they learn a lot about translating, American literature … Read More